Исконно.ruAlfred T. Mitchell. The Three Wise Monkeys

Приводится по: Alfred T. Mitchell. Tome Of The Unknown Poet. ISBN: 145001433X. Publisher: Xlibris Corporation, USA, 2010, p. 36

A picture of three monkeys who are said to be quite wise
Shows one of them using his paws to cower up his eyes.
Another's ears are likewise stopped so that he may not hear.
The third monk makes sure that his lips no evil word will bear.
To see, to hear, to speak no evil, this graphic implies,
But do their methods prove these monkeys to be really wise?

The wisdom will point out the fact, to him who wants to know,
That to restrict these faculties would also stop the flow
Of information vital to the means of doing good
Which he who's blind, deaf and dumb cannot do though he would.
And since their hands are busy keeping these senses numb,
They have no means to do good even if the chance should come.

Thus the actions of these monkeys, when thoroughly analyzed,
Contrary to tradition, will prove they're not too wise.
For although shunning evil is a virtue truly noble,
If doing so requires rendering good deeds immobile,
Then one should seek from God above the wisdom to do right,
And He will give the way and means, for both are His might.

Since doing good is what's required of those who would be freed
From Sin's vile yoke and Satan's hold of fleshly lust and greed,
Let us then strive in all we do to do it without sin,
For doing good makes better lives for monkeys and for men.

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